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Legendary Singer-Songwriter, Poet and Musician Still Performing After Five Decades


Bob Dylan has just celebrated his 71st birthday May 24th, 2012. It has been over 50 years since he started his career. For most music lovers and music artists alike, Bob Dylan is THE Folk and Folk Rock singer-songwriter. The former Bob Zimmerman has written and recorded iconic classics which have been covered by major music artists of every generation. He started out only recording other composers’ music which he loved, then he turned to composing his own lyrics and music. The result was a canon of compositions beloved over time which never seem to age.

He has written, recorded, and performed music in almost ten different genres over those five decades. He plays six different music instruments, including voice, guitar, and harmonica and can often be seen playing all of them at his concerts. He has received over a dozen awards over his career, including Grammy Awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award, Inductions into several Halls of Fame, and a Pulitzer Prize Citation.


The following poem is based upon well known Bob Dylan compositions. Some of Dylan’s compositions became bigger hits for other artists and other times his version is the most famous. Both types of songs are included here. However, it is noted that Dylan also recorded songs he did not compose such as House of the Rising Sun or Four Strong Winds. These non-Dylan compositions are *not* included, even if Dylan had hits with these recordings.



The Bob Dylan Song


Lay, Lady, Lay down and get some rest.

Isn’t it Just Like A Woman to tell a man

That he’s working too hard all the time

And then go and ignore her own advice?

That is not the way to stay Forever Young.

Acting Like A Rolling Stone is not the only way

To age faster than you should be aging, Angelina.

All you need to do is to put everybody else

Before your own happiness and health, my dear.

It Ain’t Me Babe that’s making you work all hours.

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall before you go

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door if you’re not careful.

Your own youth is Blowing In The Wind now.

Don’t let it blow away and leave you too soon.



Bob Dylan performs in New York at St. Lawrence University in 1963

Source:  Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons