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Copyright by Flora Breen Robison


We are getting plenty of rain lately. Canada just had a long weekend and such long weekends are notoriously bad weather. It has continued into the week. I’m not happy about the constant cold temperature and rain, but I can deal easily with rain. I *cannot* deal with snow-because it is generally accompanied by ice and I have bad balance. 

People who know me well know that I do not have fabulous balance. This can make wintertime particularly hazardous for me. It is not snow so much as the ice that accompanies it that can be extremely dangerous. Slush can also make me slip and fall. I could hit my head on the curb or maybe trip while I’m crossing the street and be in the street when a car goes by. Yes, main streets are cleared, but I live in a side street. My street is not high on the city’s list of priorities.

While it is true that I can easily navigate with hard dense snow, not all snow is like this. Therefore, I am reliant upon people to hold onto them when I am walking. I believe I have already discussed not having a driver’s licence. I think that even if I did, I would take taxis or get rides with friends with strong heavy vehicles. Luckily, I live in a four season climate. I would do very badly in Alaska.


The following is a poem I wrote regarding my relationship with snow. I refer to it as my *natural enemy* because snow is nature-thus natural. It is in rhyming couplets, a form of poetry I love to write.


Snow, My Natural Enemy


Snow is my natural enemy.

Ice too my natural enemy.

The weather is my main reason

That I’m not a fan of the season.

Winter brings ice and snow,

And signals the life I know

Where I am stuck indoors

While winter’s anger roars.

There will be no more walking

Long distances, it’s mocking.

From now on I will need

Some help from one to lead

My hand in snow and ice

I don’t need just advice.

I will need a helping hand

To navigate the land

As I will slip and fall

Or feel the need to crawl.

As I do not drive

But really need to thrive,

I’m going to need a ride;

From life I will not hide.

For I cannot survive

If I am just alive.

For I do tend to brood

If I must order food.

To deliver at my door

All I need and more

Will still not be enough

My life will still be rough.

The snow and ice must lose

I must not get the blues.



P.S. People are usually more than happy to offer me rides, and there is no way I would consider driving in the snow and ice, even if I could drive in general.



Snow covers the ground and trees thickly. No doubt ice is close at hand

Source: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons