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A Canadian Songbird Who Had a Hit With Snowbird


Nova Scotia native Anne Murray is a legendary singer who is loved by the whole world. Although there are several current Canadian female singers who are big stars internationally, Murray was the first to achieve her level of status and success. She has won more Juno Awards-the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy-than anyone else. She holds several Canadian female firsts in the United States include first #1 hit, first Gold Record, and first Country Music Album of The Year. In fact, she is the first Canadian, period, to achieve the latter award.

Murray has been performing professionally for over 40 years. In her 60s, she is already the recipient of lifetime achievement awards. She belongs to several Halls of Fame including the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. She has received the Order Of Canada and the Order Of Nova Scotia. The Order Of Canada is the second highest civilan honour in Canada. The highest is the Order Of Merit.

The following poem is based upon Anne Murray’s greatest hits. 


The Anne Murray Song


There I was, totally unaware that You Needed Me

Broken-Hearted Me, crying my pain on your shoulders.

I was Just Another Woman In Love with a man who wasn’t

And all I could think about was me and my hurt-not yours.

After Another Sleepless Night, I would call you and talk

About the man who isn’t you and never think of you-

I didn’t know there was A Love Song waiting to be sung

If I just opened my eyes to see what was always there.

Nobody Loves Me Like You Do, nor did anybody before.

Could I Have This Dance, my love, for Now And Forever?

There are no more Shadows In The Moonlight for me.

I just see the bright light of the moon as it shines on us.




Canadian Anne Murray has been performing solo and with other artists for nearly half a century

By Courtesy of the Fraser MacPherson estate c/o Guy MacPherson via  Wikimedia Commons