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From Young Rascals To Rascals

The Young Rascals were a white American soul and rock band that reached the height of their popularity during the late 1960s. Formed in 1965, the four member band wrote their own music via the composing team of Eddie Brigati and Felix Cavaliere. Brigati was the lead singer. Cavaliere sang and played the keyboard. Gene Cornish played guitar and Dino Dinelli, the drums. Although he was not a member of the band and he didn’t appear with them, Brigati’s brother David-who was a member of the Starlighters-sang back-up on their recordings.

The Young Rascals as a core broke up in 1970 when Brigati left. Cornish left the group a year later. Cavaliere brought in new members, including two female singers. The revamped Rascals only lasted two years. The original band minus Brigati would occasionally reunite to perform with new members. They changed their name to The Rascals to reflect their getting older. There was a further version of the group under Cavaliere that didn’t last who went by the name The New Rascals or Cavaliere’s Rascals.


The following poem uses only song titles from the albums where the original core group were together. These  titles are primarily their greatest hits.


The Young Rascals Poem:

Once Upon A Dream, I dreamed of a world

That was perfect in every way.

In The Midnight Hour sleep brought me this gift.

Everybody was Groovin’ and relaxin’ in this peaceful world;

Everybody had Good Lovin’ in their family;

Everybody was free all over the world.

Then I woke up to the real world that exists.

I know that People Got To Be Free.

How Can I Be Sure that the world will change?

It won’t if we just sit still and keep quiet.

I Ain’t Gonna Eat My Heart Out No More

About what could be if I acted.

I will act-so that my dream becomes a reality.



The Young Rascals in 1966: The original members were still together until 1970

Source: Associated Booking Corporation via Wikimedia Commons aka Public Domain