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Copyright by Flora Breen Robison 


This poem was first written almost 8 months ago. The Eagles were a band I was listening to when Mom was pregnant with me. They had recently released their first greatest hit album and my parents were always listening to it. Although I have been a fan of The Eagles in general, I have always had a preference for songs from the first Greatest hits album. 

The poem is my own, with inspiration from song titles written by and recorded by The Eagles. I have capitalized The Eagles song titles so that readers unfamiliar with their entire career can identify their titles.


The Eagles Song: A Lyrical Poem


There is no need to Take It To the Limit

And live Life in the Fast Lane in a New York Minute.

I am not a Witchy Woman or one of the Pretty Little Maids In a Row

At Hotel California who is Already Gone.

You are no Desperado with a Heartache Tonight

After some Lyin’ Eyes took you for a ride.

I will give you The Best of My Love

Because I’m not The Girl From Yesterday.

It’s today, so Get Over It And Love Will Keep Us Alive.

In the morning we’ll watch the Tequila Sunrise

With a Peaceful Easy Feeling.

There will be no Wasted Time with me,

But I Can’t Tell You Why if you treat yourself

Like the New Kid in Town who feels alone.



The Eagles perform in 2008: Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt 

Photo source: Steve Alexander via Wikimedia Commons