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Copyright by Flora Breen Robison 


I have written and continue to write a series of poems based upon the titles written by singer-songwriters  or recorded by groups who did not write their own music. Many were originally published on a different site in the past year, although some of these I wrote years ago.
The poems are my own but they are based upon song titles that were devised by other people. As such, I have always referred to them as Song-Title poems, although that is my own phrase. It describes the fact that I am creating my own poetry using the titles of famous songs as inspiration. These poems could be set to music, so they are also lyrical poems. Therefore, I will use the sub-title “a Lyrical Poem Based Upon Song titles” for all my poems of this type that I post on my own blog to distinguish them from other types of poems like acrostic poems, haiku, or couplets.


This first poem is based upon songs written by Smokey Robinson who has been both a singer-songwriter and a songwriter for other artists. Robinson is synonymous with Motown. His most famous song he wrote for The Temptations -“My Girl” which is my favourite song Robinson has composed. However, this poem will be based upon songs that he wrote originally to perform himself, not for others. Although he is usually thought of as a solo artist, he actually started out as as the head of the The Miracles. He continues to sing the songs he first made famous as the lead singer of this all male band. My favourite songs of his all come from this early period of his career. Therefore, the following poem is based primarily, although not entirely,  upon Robinson’s best hits with The Miracles. For the benefit of people who are unfamiliar with his entire career, I have capitalized the song-titles so all readers know what they are. 


Smokey Robinson’s Song of Miracles


The Tracks of My Tears mirror the tracks

Of The Tears Of A Clown. I frown

When you say you’ll Shop Around;

You behave like a Love Machine.

Ooo, Baby Baby stop Cruisin’ around,

Because You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me.

You say you plan Just To See Her

For a while-you smile and expect More Love

Than just one woman can give you.

Don’t expect me to say that I Second That Emotion.



Smokey Robinson performing in 2006

Photo Source: Dwight McCann via Wikimedia Commons