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Alfred Hitchcock enjoyed frightening people with his suspense films

Source: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons



Copyright by Flora Breen Robison 


Alfred Hitchcock:

An Acrostic Poem


Alfred Hitchcock was the Master of Suspense.


London-born, he lived his life


Frightening people with his atmospheric films.


Rebecca was his first Hollywood film


Even though cast and setting was British.


Director of thrillers and the macabre.


Hitchcock directed only two horror firms:


In Psycho and The Birds, Hitchcock shocked with gore.


Thrillers focused on music, mind and imagery;


Cameos were his signature touch.


Happy to keep fans on the edge of their seats,


Cinema’s genius had a string of hits.


Over three decades since Hitchcock died


Captivated audiences still love to be scared,


Kept out of breath by the Master of Suspense.