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Gregory Peck in Gentleman’s Agreement



Copyright by Flora Breen Robison


My All-Time Choice

Gregory Peck is my favourite Actor of all time, regardless of era, genre, or nationality.


Gregory Peck:


Gregory Peck is best remembered for playing Southern lawyer Atticus Finch


Raised in La Jolla, CA, Gregory started in medicine before turning to theatre


Eldred was his first name – from a phone book – his friends called him Greg


Golden Age of Hollywood actor who made over fifty films over five decades


Only won once for To Kill a Mockingbird, but was nominated five times in all


Rarely played a villain and when he did it was odd – why play a Nazi doctor?


Yearling was a sweet but tragic film that is hard to watch for its reality of life



Peck refused to sign a long-term contract with anyone -the first to succeed


Eldred or Greg was always in control of his career in front or behind the camera


Crazy about horses, he raised them and made westerns like The Big Country


Kept making quality movies after he moved from leading man to character actor.