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Richard Widmark in Panic in the Streets

Source: Wikimedia Commons 


Copyright by Flora Breen Robison

This is a poem I wrote a while back on a different site.






Richard Widmark was born in 1914, retired in 1992, and died in 2008 at 93 years.


In a career that spanned 45 years, he amassed 75 credits in movies and television


Connecticut was his home away from Hollywood – he died there quietly in Roxbury


Hating the Hollywood circus, he stayed home with his wife and daughter after work


Acted in westerns, film noir, dramas, adventures, crimes, war pics and comedies


Richard was married to one woman for 55 years until her death – Jean Hazelwood


Debuting as evil Tommy Udo in Kiss of Death, he overcame his early typecasting



Widmark didn’t care for the limelight – actors should be seen only when working


Initially a theatre actor in romantic comedies, he was often killed off in movies


Didn’t want an Honorary Oscar – he was retired and didn’t want to give a speech


Married Susan Blanchard after becoming a widower – she was Hank Fonda’s ex


Anne Heath Widmark, his daughter, was once married to pitcher Sandy Kofax


Raised in Sunrise, Minnesota, he wanted to act on Broadway for his entire career


Kiss of Death changed his plans – he had to sign a contract to appear in the film.