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Copyright by Flora Breen Robison

I got little sleep last night, and I have to get up early tomorrow morning, so I’m posting my next poem a little earlier in the evening than usual. It also has a similar theme to poem #20.


Cats Are Expected to Sleep Through Most of the Day, But Not People 

Source Flora Breen Robison





I feel tired

Tired, most of the day

I wish I could sleep

Sleep more than a few hours

Sleep hours of deep sleep

I don’t feel rested when I awake

I feel like I’ve not slept at all

No energy stored up

I’m productive for a short few hours

Then I feel exhausted

I am burnt out

I have no time to be burnt out

No time to rest during the day

Too many deadlines looming

No time to relax but at night-

But since when do insomniacs get enough sleep?