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What is It About Playing Loud Music in the Car even When Parked?


This is a brief rant about the courtesy or rather lack thereof of several youngish drivers living in the Fraser Valley-and likely other places too-who feel the need to blast their car stereo with the bass reverberating so loud that my furniture and floor in my top (fourth story) apartment literally buzzes.

You have all heard the drivers who feel the need to share their favourite music with the city thirty minutes away. The volume is so loud it feels like you are at a concert in an auditorium that seats 2,000 people. That volume is needed at a rock and roll concert with 2,000 people. It is not needed in a car. Even people going deaf can hear the music as these drivers drive by you.

Imagine, if you will, that the drivers who are playing their music so loud that their ear drums must be damaged are not driving down the street to be heard but 10 seconds while they pass you but parked in a parking spot in front of your home. Imagine further that the driver of such a vehicle is not just stopped off briefly to drop someone off, but actually parked for a fifteen minute talk with the music full blaring. How do they carry on a conversation? Why would they bother trying?

Well, this is what happens to me with my building from time to time. There are a few people in my building who have no interest in having a positive relationship with their neighbors. In fact, if they can tick off their neighbours, they can prove how macho they are. I say macho, but I’m including lots of women too. It seems that the men who do this are married to women with the same personality. The latest time just happened.

It seems it was necessary for one of my neighbours to just stand outside of a car talking to the person behind the wheel while all four doors and trunk were open and the music on so loud I thought that the train was going by. When a train goes by at full speed, it is close enough to make my lamps rattle much as they would if there were a small earthquake in Vancouver. The longer the conversation went on, the louder the music became.

I do not want even to start on how the loud music freaked out my cat.

I am well aware that you can do whatever you want to yourself. But if you want to avoid making enemies of your neighbors and want to avoid getting visits from the strata all the time, try not to antagonize people. Especially when you are a renter and the person you are antagonizing is an owner. They may just decide to call the police instead of the president of the strata the next time you decide on a loud music party at 2am.