Mary was trying to find a job because she was running out of savings and couldn’t pay her bills anymore. She was in danger of losing her home. She heard of a potential job that required her to apply with a resume typed into the employer’s form, rather than an attachment. She started to fill it out.


She needed to check out some information that had been emailed to her, so she went to her email. To her surprise, there were a series of emails from a Facebook group to which she belonged that had been sent to her because her full name was in them. The post was started by Brenda-a member of the group whose posts she had only read because you were encouraged to support fellow members. There was no stalking involved.

Well, Brenda said Mary was a Rat and a Psycho and totally stalking her-crying, Mary read all these emails in which nasty things were said about her by Brenda and Darla-Darla was stalking Brenda and Mary both and played the two against each other. Sobbing, Mary was unable to fill out the resume and put it off.

She then received a private message via Facebook from Brenda in which horrible things were said. Mary had to block Brenda and Darla both on Facebook.

Mary continued to read through posts that other people shared that Brenda was sure Mary was stalking her. Mary wanted nothing to do wit her and even Mary’s mother tried to intervene-despite Mary being an adult who should take care of her own problems. Brenda blocked Mary.


Mary later found out via Carlotta -another friend of hers-that actually Darla had been responsible for harassing both she and Brenda as well as a huge number of people. Mary and Brenda talked it over and mutually unblocked each other from Facebook-apparently their problems were finished between the two of them-although problems with Darla continued.


Mary returned to the online resume -a full month later -and filled out the resume. She couldn’t do it earlier because she was so depressed about her situation and afraid to go online in case her email was full of messages that were negative. But now that misunderstandings were cleared up-everything was great, or so she thought.


Darla continued to flag every post she made making her irritable. Eventually she publicly stated that Darla was harassing her. From that point on, she couldn’t post anything that wasn’t moderated first. Her mental health took a nosedive.

Meanwhile, because every thing Mary posted had to be general and not mention anyone, Brenda got suspicious about Mary again and reblocked her on Facebook . Brenda told mutual friends that Mary was accusing her of stalking her and she wanted her to get kicked off the site. These mutal friends pointed out that it was really Darla. Everyone understood that the problem was Darla-except Brenda. So Brenda became a nightmare for Mary again as Mary was afraid of being reported to the owners and kicked off the site. Posts she made were not of the highest intelligence because her best witty thoughts were not allowed.

Eventually she was indeed banned from the site and Mary was glad to be rid of both Darla and Brenda-only it was too late.


Based upon the online communications of what Brenda and Darla had said about her as well the fact that Mary’s posts had been minimized to inane short stories about her gerbil Issac instead of relevant political, social, and witty events of the world, her potential employers decided that they did not even want an interview with Mary.

Mary was forced to continue looking for work with less than $50.00 in her bank account and less than a month left before she lost her home. Mary was furious! 

Mary decided that Brenda was equally responsible-not just Darla-for Mary’s mental health declining to the point where her potential employers thought she was a bad risk. In fact, she blamed Brenda more, for she of all people should have recognized that Darla was a bitch. But Brenda didn’t, so Mary had been frightened of Brenda for a long time.


Meanwhile, Mary continued to hear from mutual friends how wonderfully Brenda was doing and she wants to yell people to shut up-she never wanted anyone to mention Brenda again. Meanwhile, she had to figure out a way to avoid losing her home-by the end of this month.  Would she be allowed to take out a mortgage? Not from a bank- perhaps a private company. But she was in very dire straights.

 If not for Issac, she wouldn’t bother trying. too bad Issac was old. Soon, her gerbil would be dead -maybe another couple months left-and then she would have to find another reason to get up in the morning. Mary thought about how TV shows always solved everything in one episode. Too bad real life wasn’t like that. Quite often, things were not solved at all. She would have to wait and see.