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Copyright by Flora Breen Robison




Your body’s at rest in slumber

Your breaths are slow and even

All sense of time is lost to you

How long have you been sleeping?

Sleep has surrounded you with peace

Providing warmth and protection

From the conscious world

A world that can hurt you

Is this a dreamless sleep?

Is sleep dreamless until the world,

The world of consciousness beckons?

Or is this sleep full of dreams?

Can you sleep peacefully

If you are dreaming in your sleep?

Is there such a thing as peaceful dreams

Or are all dreams restless thoughts

Before we wake up to consciousness?

When consciousness beckons

Do dreams unfurl in the mind?

Are they a host of scenic pictures

Moving past like a movie screen

With sounds, and smells, and talk?

Are they sending a message

To your unsuspecting brain

That you will not remember at all?

Or are you fully aware of everything

At all times- of both your dreams

And the fact that you are dreaming?

That this is not for real?

Are you aware of what is happening

But not that you are dreaming?

When you awake will you remember

Where you were and what you said-

Everything that happened in your dream

Or will you remember nothing

Or perhaps something but not everything

A fragment of speech or action

Was it a nightmare or were you happy

Were you angry, lost, or hungry?

Do you feel the same now you are awake?

What happens when you dream?

Do you know what happens when you dream?



P.S. I am rarely able to remember more than a few seconds of any dream I have had, and only then if it were a nightmare. I don’t remember what happens in happy dreams. I only know they are happy if I awake smiling. Image