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Things That Make Me Feel Wonderful




1. The love my cat gives me unconditionally

2. Accomplishing my goals

3. Knowing what those goals are

4. Understanding my priorities

5. Overcoming my fears to do something that normally makes me nervous

6. Writing poetry

7. Getting rewarded for a job well done. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. If I can’t do a job well, I don’t do it at all

8. Listening to my favourite music artists/genres and dancing/singing along

9.. Faithful friends who are there for the bad times, not just the good times. I’ve had both, so I know the difference

10. An unexpected compliment from someone who usually never gives compliments

11. Volunteering

12. Singing in choirs

13. Singing in general

14. Being able to enjoy my favourite books and movies

15. Using writing to let off steam

16. Getting enough rest (not always possible for an insomniac…)

17. Finishing what I start

18. Working on my scrapbook

19. Having all my chores finished before dinnertime

20. Being able to pay my bills on time

21. Having enough time in the day to spend time with my cat

22. Being independent

23. Staying healthy, both mentally and physically

24. Being able to indulge in my favourite foods every now and then – This has more to do with not being a great cook, rather than the healthiness of the food

25. Enjoying my time alone and my time with other people – There must be a balance

26. Understanding my limitations and accepting them instead of admonishing myself

27. Having a job that I did not obtain through a family member (re: independence…)

28. Surprising people without expecting anything back in return

29. Having a job that pays a proper wage for the amount of time you put in (not the life of a self-employed person, but we’ll see what 2012 brings…)

30. Getting enough exercise

31. Eating high quality chocolate on special occasions

32. Hearing from someone you haven’t heard from in a while

33. Avoiding people who drain my energy

34. Reading a real book in my hands, rather than on a computer – It helps make me think that computers and other technology don’t totally run my life

35. A clean home

36. Having enough time in the day to live life the famous poem “Leisure” tells us is best, yet still have things that must be accomplished (re: The Devil and idle hands…)

37. Letting the past go (still working on this)

38. Being published in general

39. Not giving into guilt trips (one family member used to do this to me -see comment about people who drain energy)

40. Having free speech when I publish 



P.S. #38 and 40 had to be replaced from the original items since the list was first published elsewhere.