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Copyright Flora Breen Robison April 8th, 2012.


Legendary CBS Newsman Mike Wallace died Saturday night at the age of 93. Another legend in American journalism is gone. Yes, he was 93 years old, his mind was sharp when he died-he had a long life. But it is sad because as he was working up until the end, he was one of the last American journalists who actually *was* a newsman. Here in Canada we have newspeople in print and on television who do indeed deliver actual news-even on a 24-hour news network. But in United States, that type of journalism died out over the last ten years. It is one thing for a person working on a show with “Entertainment” in the title to treat an interview with an actor like an interview with a movie star. It is another thing to treat an interview with a politician like an interview with a movie star. And that is what American journalism seems to have become on the 24-hour news networks out of the USA. Oh, yes, there are several real newsmen and newswomen still around. But they have been in the business for decades. Nobody *new*  is replacing them-and the youngest are in late middle age. What happens when they have died too?


I am so happy to live in Canada. Here the news hour has real news until the last 20 minutes when they *then* talk of sports, weather, entertainment-IF there is time. If a news story takes over the day, they toss out the entertainment and sports and leave it to the 24-hour networks who will have brief amounts of time at the end of the hour to talk about silliness. 


Real news is tough questions, war, politics, death and health. It is not movies, fashion, silly videos of cute puppies, or sound bites taken out of context.


RIP Mr. Wallace. You will be sorely missed.