Originally inspired about my own trials with technology and a question asked by Simone Smith on HP. 


Copyright Flora Breen Robison 


Technology Is Supposed to Make Your Life Easier


Technology should make life easier

There should be no hassle or lateness

Everything is at your fingertips

Accomplishing tasks can be painless.

Are you a left-hander like I am

Surrounded by gadgets for righties?

There are plenty new tools invented

That my life as a lefty’s a breeze.

No need to be disorganized at all

Phones and ipads can organize life.

If you are lost or can’t find your car

These tools are sharp as a knife.

Are you nervous about parking

Parallel on a busy street?

There is a car-expensive and new

That will help you achieve this tricky feat.

And what of the weary traveller

Tired of lifting the heavy bags?

These new gadgets are small and light

To eliminate body pain and sags.

This century is full of bright minds

What will be the next invention?

I have an idea to suggest

That I feel I must mention.

There are still some snags and problems

With the software that types as you talk.

If you get ill your voice won’t be recognized

At the sound of your words it will balk.

As a person who types too slowly

To pass a typing test

In a world dominated by computers

To find a solution’s my quest.

So you see there is no reason

For chores to be difficult at all

Now that technology makes life easier

We can relax and have a ball.