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Because Writers Hubpages is dealing with all their hubs published word for word  in the last 72 hours and counting-no matter what the subject and even if  the name is listed with copyright -I am taking this opportunity to share the articles I wrote on HP about My Biography Being Stolen. 


Protect Yourself


Note: the reason I wrote this is to educate people about their rights. I’m aware that in order to do this I had to disclose some of my privacy. Such is often the case in the public eye. As I was already associated with this drug through this person using me on dozens of sites which have since blocked him, I thought that I should make the best of the bad situation and teach people that they need to look up their name on the web to see how they are being used. To not let anyone else know the dangers I’ve faced is wrong. Now my name is becoming synonymous with not backing down. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, I’m a lot stronger now than I ever was. Hopefully, websites will get so this other name is automatically identified and denied access to accounts.


UPDATE OCT.8th: He has struck again. Now he has my biography on a website that about turning your photographs into comic strips: I have contacted the site, but as this is a long weekend, I don’t expect to hear back until Tuesday.



Everyone is aware of the near impossibility of preventing someone plagiarizing content. The very nature of writing online is itself fragile in its ability to protect authors. Luckily, there is a way to get stolen content removed from the web by reporting copyright infringements to individual websites and to Google. It is a tedious process constantly scanning the Internet to see if your content is stolen, but it is absolutely necessary. It is one reason I don’t mind the duplicate content rule on Hubpages-this rule is one way to identify stolen content immediately without having to wonder which article has been plagiarized. The rule cuts down partly this process time.

In my three months as an online self-published author, I have been scanning the web and reading on Hubpages Forums about websites where stolen material has been published. I’d check that site for my content and not find any. All the time knowing that at some point, this will happen to me. But I was floored when I discovered what type of content of mine was stolen. It wasn’t a poem, an article, review or photograph of Mom’s paintings.


It was my biography on Hubpages.


How did I find this when what you put in your biography profile isn’t under this site’s duplicate content rule and I was looking for my creative/article writing? By accident.

First, some background on my name. My grandmother on my mother’s side is named Flora. I was named after her. It wasn’t until after I was born that my parents came across a movie description in TV Guide that included an actress named Flora Robson. Robison and Robson come from the same Scottish clan name of the Son of Robert. As a result, some people I’ve met think either I am related to her or was named after her. No. It is completely coincidental. However, there was always a chance that when searching for my content people searching Google or other search engines would be bombarded with references to the actress under the belief that this was a typo. Therefore, I decided to add my middle name of Breen to my official name for my online writing career.

Meanwhile, my middle name is the same as my mother’s middle name, but she is generally addressed by this middle name. She has since gone back to her maiden name, but Mom had a long career under her married name and is still known by that name in the Art World. Therefore, writing my name as Flora Breen Robison in three separate words will bring up thousands of references to my mother, especially as I am also her agent and long-time model. You will find both of us either by name or painting on many websites discussing her artwork. I decided that it was necessary to combine these three names as one long word for my username and further writing online so that there will be no misunderstanding what sites are mine as a writer.

When I was writing my biography on Hubpages I wanted to be detailed as possible so that people wanting to know about my writing here knew that I focused on topics I know well, as well as what these topics were. I could easily have chosen to write in the first person of “I” or just used my first name saying “Flora was born…” If I had done either of these things, I might have been none the wiser If I wrote the page differently as “I” means nothing and “flora” has its own meaning and hundreds of thousands of websites on the subject exist.

Around 1am -normal for me to be up writing at that time, but not policing my own content, I decided to check how many of my newest hubs had already been indexed. Now to do this, I should have typed in However, by 1am I was preoccupied and for some odd reason thought that typing in only my name was faster. As always I was asked if I meant FloraBreenRobison or Flora Breen Robison. On a lark, I choose the latter.

At the bottom of the first page was a site for a person whose name I won’t mention so as to not give him extra advertising with my biography on his site. As this was an art site and I am involved in Mom’s artwork and business, I was confused. This could have been a link this person shared involving artists one admires as I do mention Mom’s websites in my biography. I clicked on the link.

There was my biography listed as someone else’s biography complete with my full name: Flora Breen Robison. This is the creepiest thing I’ve ever had happen to me. I contacted the person and the website of Imagekind. I have not yet gotten a response back and that profile is still on the site.

Searching for that username on Google I have found several websites where my biography was listed as his or hers. I have seen this person listed as a woman, although the user name is that of a man. According to one, this is a 52year-old woman living in New York. A couple of these links have already been removed. Others have not, and I am faced with having to contact a bunch of sites I have never visited before, including some unknown to me previously. If you are interested in knowing more about the username in question, visit a forum thread entitled “Biography Plagiarized.”

The purpose of this person on every website? To sell Ambien, a sleeping aid to people with insomnia. I kid you not. While it is true that this person has no followers and no credibility, I do not want to have my name used to sell drugs of any kind, whether prescription or over the counter. This is like a Twilight Zone episode in which I cannot figure out the way to get back to our dimension. Does this person have any other pieces of my information?

Apparently, it is not possible to get someone banned from the Internet completely. What you can do is get the scammer removed from various individual websites by advising those websites and Google about the issue and proving that this is your own content.

This is going to be a tiring process. I will keep everyone updated about how this nightmare proceeds when and if I succeed in getting these violations eliminated.