Image Colin and Miss Tiffy, Epi’s profile avatar

Source: Colin Stewart


Two epigrams for Colin

Epigramman, or to use his fist name of Colin or his nickname of Epi, loves to promote writers on hubpages through his own comments on his poems or other means such as his Facebook page. He has a large legion of followers who adore him. The epigram is not a form of poetry I usually write , although I have written short poems before. But since Epigramman does his best to make all new hubbers feel welcome, I want to try my hand at Colin’s favourite poem to write.


They Call Him Epigramman

From near Lake Erie

In Ontario, Canada

In Eastern Standard Time,

The man that we call Epi

Produces poems of wit

And wisdom

While hiding a secret-

his cats are the real poets.


A Mystery Puzzle

The pieces jumbled

Upon the floor

Combine to find the solution

to the Hitchcock puzzle-

Who decided to remake

Rear Window or Psycho?

The Birds did, that’s who.