Although I live in Canada, I will take the opportunity of celebrating April National Poem Month and republish a poem every day that was originally published on Hubpages, but is too short or personal to be published anywhere but my blog. 



Stay calm

Take a deep breath

Let the breath leave your body slowly.

Repeat as needed.

Think before you speak.

Let others talk.

Think before you respond.

Don’t shout.

Stay calm.

Remember that things can always be worse.

There is always someone worse off.

Laugh things off if you can.

Don’t confuse disagreements with insults.

Allow others their point of view.

Know the difference between honest debate

And trolling online.

Ignore the trolls.

They will disappear.

Decide what battles are important

Remember that you need to want to achieve.

You can’t wait around for things to happen either.

If you say “I can’t” then you are right.

Maybe is more realistic and hopeful.

It also stops you from setting your hopes up too high

On one thing that is not completely up to you.

Try your best.

Don’t give up.

But don’t let yourself get burnt out.

Try to relax.

Try not to deny yourself short breaks.

Take deep breaths.

Let them out slowly.

Repeat as necessary.

Don’t over-react if possible.

Stay calm.