How likely a person is to get a comment from readers depends upon the type of articles or poems she writes. Is her audience fellow writers? Then she likely get lots of comments. If her audience is the general public, she will not get many comments unless she has written a how-to article and a reader has a question.


Whether or not she approves the comments she gets depends upon what the comments capsule means to her. If she has written a large number of articles and gets a huge number of comments a day, it might be worth her time to set all her comment capsules to un-moderate and allow any comment that is made to be seen by everyone. Otherwise, she does nothing else but moderate comments. There are not enough hours in the day to do that. 


However, this leaves her open to spam and trolls. There may be nasty comments and swearing. She could set all her comments to moderate, but that means that legitimate readers wanting to see if the author appreciates the comment and  answers the comment will get fed up with the time it takes  and may stop reading her. This is a problem especially for poets as poets write for other poets. It is a difficult decision.


But what of the comments that come from the person who gives you lots of views and advertising on social media? Isn’t it a good idea to accept those comments-no matter what type of comments they are? Well, that depends upon what your goal is and where you live . If your goal is to make money and you live in North America, the answer is no, because you make pennies per ad click and fellow writers cannot click on your ad. If you live in a country where the American dollar is worth a large amount of money, the answer is a resounding YES. You can make lots of money. So go ahead and allow all comments no matter what from people who advertise you. But what of writers who simply want lots of views? Do you do it.


I say NO.


Do not pretend you admire someone you don’t. Do not say behind the person’s back “This person is not a serious writer and I prefer serious writing” but go ahead and compliment her. Do not put up with silly comments like “Voted up and interesting” as the only thing she says. Do not approve her comment that “I have never seen any of these TV shows at all, but I like Benny Hill,” or “Mental bulimia is a classy comment.” Do not suggest that it is okay to vote for someone because she has the same name you do. 




Do not allow these comments. These are the comments of a person only interested in making comments.


They are spam, as far as I am concerned. And they should not be approved unless the person can help you make money.