Originally Published on another site on March 16th, 2012-When Mom turned 64


My Mom is My Best Friend
"Will you still need me,
And will you still feed me,
When I'm 64?"
-The Beatles

Why I am I revealing how old my Mom is today? Shouldn't I keep that secret? Well, the fact that she is a Beatles fan turning that specific age when there is a song about turning 64 makes me want to reference it. The irony of this for a Beatles fan is evident. Plus, my parents have never hidden their age. They are not afraid of their age. I also found that after several people from my school died before turning 30 that it was a relief to turn 30. I am far more bothered about my parents' age than they are. They are quite realistic. Aging is a natural process that shouldn't be feared.

I can't afford to buy you a present, Mom, so here is a poem I wrote just for you:

A Beatles Fan Turns 64:

Happy birthday, Mom
On this, your 64th birthday
Yes, I still need you
Now you’re sixty-four.
We can’t rent a cottage
On the Isle of Wight
It is indeed much too dear.
I’ve given you no grandchildren
To sit on your knee
Named Vera, Chuck or Dave
Although Chuck is certainly a name
That runs in our family.
Instead I give you a grand-cat
That hides when we give her pills.
I will still give you
Handmade valentines
And birthday greetings
But no bottle of wine
It is much too dear.
I am quite often up
At a quarter to three
Although you are asleep
You have the keys
For my locked door
I’ll leave off the latch.
Otherwise, what will happen
To our darling Amy
When I’m not at home?
You can sit by my fireside
Even though you do not knit
And the fire is gas, not wood.
Let’s not go for a ride
Sunday morning-afternoon, please
As I have insomnia.
You have no more garden
No weeds to be dug
Just some plants growing
On our balconies to tend.
Happy birthday, Mother dear
Now you’re 64.
I love you.