Republished from another site. Originally published on February 29th, 2012.

I Can’t Believe It
I am devastated.

My first crush ever has died at the young age of 66 of a heart attack. I loved him.

I first discovered The Monkees when I was four and fell in love with Davy Jones immediately. I watched the show all the time. Mom and Dad found a family who had almost all their albums in excellent condition and bought them for me. I am missing one, because I don’t have the album which had the hit song “Listen to the Band.” That song was on Their Greatest Hits Album. But all the others I own.

I saw the address for their fan club on the back of their albums and I tried writing them. But by then the band had broken up and were not on any reunion tours. Internet didn’t exist then, so there was no official website, and there was no way to contact them as a band. So I was out of luck.

But that didn’t stop me from being a big fan. You know how many children have imaginary friends? My imaginary friends were the members of the Monkees. They were my constant companions when I was playing alone. Sure, I had actual friends and played with them, but when I was alone I pretended the Monkees were there.

I never did get to see Davy Jones perform live, as a member of The Monkees or as a soloist. I just don’t have the money to attend concerts. He was involved in a 60s music concert that aired on PBS, but though we got to see him introducing acts (along with Peter Noone of Herrman’s Hermits), PBS decided not to air his performances. I remember being upset as that was the only reason I watched the program. Despite loving 60’s music in general, I have plenty of Cds already and didn’t really intend to sit through a 2 hour show and not hear him sing when “Daydream Believer” was advertised.

He was a major influence on pop culture. The Monkees were so popular, that when David Bowie Jones entered the music world, he dropped his last name and went by his middle name to avoid the confusion. When Gene Roddenberry bowed to public demand to add a Russian to Star Trek, he cast Walter Koenig who looks like Davy’s brother. With the mop wig Koenig wore that first season, they looked like twins. Even in my generation of music, he was still an influence. The dance Jones danced in the music video for “Daydream Believer” was lifted straight up – with proper attribution – by Axel Rose of Guns and Roses. Everyone in the music business knows Davy Jones.

My favourite songs he sang lead are, alphabetically:

Cuddly Toy

Daydream Believer – my overall favourite

Here Comes Tomorrow

This Just Doesn’t Seem to Be My Day

My childhood is well and truly dead now. Goodbye, my first love. Rest in peace.