Edit: The date of te meeting is Wednesday March 21st, not Tuesday March 20th.

Chilliwack has a series of pipelines built underneath the waterways that have been here since 1953. Oil has been travelling underground all this time, but there are plans to “twin” the pipes and this will make oil spills more likely to happen and impossible to fix if it goes through. Chilliwack currently has among the cleanest water to drink . We can drink it unfiltered. If this deal goes through, we will b constantly under threat of environmental disaster. So while other countries get  our oil- a fossil fuel that should be outdated and replaced- we will become a disaster area very easily-and suddenly become an international news story. It is never good news when your city makes the international news, and rarely when it makes the national news. You want your city to be invisible outside of stories about sports, music and other forms of the entertainment world.  My heart sinks whenever I see the Fraser valley mentioned  on the National news.


There is a public meeting at 6:30pm at the Chilliwack Campus of the University of the Fraser Valley  in A203 March 21st. There is supposed to be a forum and focus on the the rights of the First Nations peoples to consider before anything goes through. However, considering Native Americans in United States decided to cede the United States earlier this year  over their needs being ignore in regards to the Keystone pipeline being built, I have little hope that First Nations will be able to quell this project. Certainly, if anyone can stop the project – that is a big if – it will be them and not  other races. And , no, the company doesn’t need regional permission. What we want as people who live here is not important. It never is to anyone who doesn’t live in the disaster area when big business is involved. Money and jobs vs. people dying of contaminated water and other health issues? Not a chance. Politics state that environmentalism loses. It always does. But at least we can put up a fight. No apathy for us. We may fail, but we won’t surrender. 


See you Wedneday night.