It is important torganize your life and manage your time effectively.  There are times of the year where you know that you will have a large number of commitments and that they all need your attention. You must make sure that you do not agree to take on too much responsibility. I have at some points in my life wanted to please everyone and that is when my health has suffered.

For example, I wanted to be involved in all art groups here in Chilliwack but that simply is impossible. There are too many of them. There are only so many days of the week and you can find yourself double-booked and exhausted all the time.  at one point, I was the Secretary on the Board of Dircetors for the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra, singing in the CSO chorus, the Voice Coordinator for the Chilliwack lions Club Music and Dance Festival, and singing in the Chilliwack Festival Chorus, the Chilliwack Women’s Chorus,  singing in the Intergenerational Chorus and singing in the Ladies of Jazz emsemble-simultaneously.  By the end of the season, not only was I not singing at my best, I was tired all the time, I was effective on the boards and I was sick.  I had to accept the fact that I cannot be involved in everything.


My schedule is getting quite busy and it will get busier before the new year. I have to make sure that I prioritize my activities or I won’t get anything done. If I don’t try to do everything at once, I won’t fall into the same patter I did that one year.  My Christmas concerts are the first weekend of December. I have a one act Christmas opera the second week of December. All of these require hours of rehearsals and good health. I have to keep up my writing, especially on sites that involve contracts. and I have to look for these contracts. Hopefully, I will be able to enjoy what I am doing, and not just see these as tasks that must be accomplished.