A year ago this week, a young man was murdered in his home for no other reason than he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Karver Morford had no enemies, was not involved in any illegal activity, and didn’t the wrong type of people. All he did was come home during a robbery.  He didn’t even have the type of property one would expect to be targeted by thieves. As a result of coming home too soon, he was beaten to death.  As he lived in Ryder Lake, a section of Chilliwack, there were few if any witnesses as the homes are all set far apart.  Not long after Morford died, all the remainder of his belongings

One year later, the investigation continues. The police are quiet about what leads they have, but one thing is clear. There is no arrest that is imminent.  How do you solve a crime where there are no witnesses at all or who are willing to talk. and how do you keep people reminded of a cold case?