Halloween is quickly approaching and parents need to plan how to keep their children safe.  Even by the time I was trick or treating, there were some homes we knew never  to go anywhere near.  This was also the beginning of community Halloween parties for parents to bring their children to for a safe but still fun-filled Halloween. My parents took me to a couple of them, but usually one of them took me out trick or treating while the other answered the door at home.


When my parents and their friends were trick or treating age, not only did they not worry about avoiding certain houses, they didn’t even worry about having adults accompany them at trick or treating. They were always walking around outside on their own anyway, so how was Halloween night any different than the rest of the year?


Today Halloween is a very dangerous time. Even when a group of children are together, it is not considered safe to be out in the dark without an adult present. Any person with criminal tendencies could use Halloween as a perfect opportunity to find unsuspecting children just out to get some tasty treats.


Make sure you examine your children’s candy for puncture marks when you get home from candy gotten at homes you don’t know. Better yet, only visit the homes of people you know.


Halloween can also be dangerous because of the time of night and the nature of costumes. Trick or treaters do not go out until it is dark. Some of the costumes are black in colour such as witches, vampires, or the Grim Reaper. These can be difficult to see at night and for all that  most people will be on foot, there were always be cars out on the roads.


Furthermore, masks are a health hazaard. I know that look cool, but you have to be able toproperly see out of them. If the mask is too big or too small or if the eye holes are slanted or small, children will not be able to see out of them. avoid a mask altogether if possible and just use make-up. If you must have a mask, make sure your child can see out of it clearly  before you buy it.


there is no reason why Halloween cannot be safe and fun at the same time. You just have to keep on your gaurd.