This Monday is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  Families around the country will be eating turkey, chicken, ham or other entree with stuffing, potatoes, cream corn, salad, and any other number of dishes.

Fabulous meal-but a lot of work for a day that is meant to be a holiday. Who ever prepares the meal spends most of the day in the kitchen on his or her feet while everyone else gets to relax.

Here is what my family does-we have  our Thanksgiving dinner the day before.  The long preparations for the chefs in the family take place on Sunday everyone has the day off. We do the same thing for  other major holidays-except for Christmas. Christmas is a bit different, because a lot of the food can be made a head of time and frozen or put in the fridge.  This is assuming you don’t have turkey and stuffing for Christmas.  the nature of Christmas meals and desserts allows for some leeway.


So for those of you planning to have a large meal and lots of relatives over for Thanksgiving dinner, why not plan the meal for Sunday? Give yourself a break so that you can have an actual day off.